Next steps

Once you've added IgKnite to your Discord server, we can continue on with the setup process.


Most moderation Discord bots lock certain features to certain individuals, roles or permission overrides. IgKnite currently handles permissions using roles, and to be precise, you'll have to create two roles:

  • BotMod for moderators.
  • BotAdmin for administratiors.

These two roles will help unlock and trigger certain moderation commands for the people you choose to give these roles to. Make sure to carefully select and append the roles. IgKnite doesn't really need much more setup than this!

Using the commands

This step is quite familiar to those who are already using Discord bots with slash commands out there. But for those who still don't know, you will need only one prefix key to access all the slash commands for the bots on your server.

  • Simply press / and you'll be greeted with a selection menu on top of your text box.
  • Choose a command and fill in the options accordingly.
  • Enter!