Command Reference

IgKnite currently has approximately 48 available bot commands, roughly distributed among five categories. All the commands are built on Discord's bleeding edge API and use the latest features.


  • <required> [optional]

  • 🔪 BotMod

  • ⚔️ BotAdmin

The following is a list of all the available commands (updated: May 22, 2023).

⚙️ General

/avatar [member]

Displays your avatar / the avatar of a server member.


Shows the bot's current response time and more.


Get to know more about IgKnite!

🔎 Inspection

/guildinfo 🔪⚔️

Shows all important information about the server.

/userinfo [member] 🔪⚔️

Shows all important information on a user.

/roleinfo <role> 🔪⚔️

Shows all important information related to a specific role.

/invites 🔪⚔️

Displays active server invites.

/revokeinvites [member] 🔪⚔️

Revokes invites. By default this removes all invites but you can choose a server member.

/audit [limit] 🔪⚔️

Views the latest entries of the audit log in detail.

🖌 Customization

/makerole <name> [color] ⚔️

Create a new role.

/assignrole <member> ⚔️

Assign a role to a server member.

/removerole <role> ⚔️

Revome a role from the server.

/makeinvite [max_age] [max_uses] [reason] 🔪⚔️

Create an invitation link to the server.

/nick <member> <nickname> 🔪⚔️

Change nickname of a member.

/makechannel <name> [category] [topic] ⚔️

Create a new text channel.

/makevc <name> [category] ⚔️

Create a new voice channel.

/makecategory <name> ⚔️

Create a new channel category.

/removechannel <channel> ⚔️

Remove a channel from the server.

/reset ⚔️

Resets the current channel.

/afkvc [channel] [timeout] ⚔️

Configures the inactive (AFK) channel for the server.

🔨 Moderation

/ban <member> [reason] 🔪⚔️

Bans a member from the server.

/softban <member> [reason] 🔪⚔️

Temporarily bans members to delete their messages.

/unban <member> 🔪⚔️

Unbans a member from the server.

/kick <member> [reason] 🔪⚔️

Kicks a member from the server.

/timeout <member> [duration] [reason] 🔪⚔️

Timeouts a member.

/purge [amount] [onlyme] 🔪⚔️

Clears messages within the given index.

/ripplepurge <member> [amount] 🔪⚔️

Clears messages that are sent by a specific user within the given index.

/snipe 🔪⚔️

Snipes messages within 25 seconds of their deletion.

/senddm <member> <msg> 🔪⚔️

Send DM to specific users.


Shows all pinned messages in the current channel.

/clearpins 🔪⚔️

Clears all pinned messages in the current channel.

/slowmode <seconds> 🔪⚔️

Sets slowmode for the current channel.

/banword <keywords> ⚔️

Add keywords to ban.

/clearbannedwords ⚔️

Clears the list of banned keywords added by IgKnite.

/showbannedwords ⚔️

Shows the list of banned keywords added by IgKnite.

/clearnicks ⚔️

Clear everyone's nickname in the guild.

🎧 Music

/play <keyword> [boosted]

Enqueues playable stuff (basically sings you songs).

/playrich [member]

Tries to enqueue a song from one's Spotify rich presence.


Pause the currently playing song.


Resume the currently playing song.


Stops playing songs and clears the queue.

/join [channel]

Joins the voice channel you're in. You can also specify which channel to join.


Clears the queue and leaves the voice channel.

/volume <volume>

Sets the volume of the current track.


Displays an interactive control view for the current song.


Vote to skip a song. The requester can automatically skip.


Shows the player's queue.

/rmqueue <index>

Removes a song from the queue at a given index.