Why IgKnite?

IgKnite, unlike most other Discord bots, is open-source, meaning that all of the aspects of it is open to and maintained by, (yes you guessed it) the community!

IgKnite is also built on top off Discord's bleeding-edge API changes including slash commands, resulting in an interaction method that doesn't include text commands at all. This also means that you will never have the hassle to type in a prefix and then making sure that your command is written perfectly. IgKnite also contains interaction methods like message / user commands which, for most of the time, do not even require you to type anything!

Why this guide?

While the README.md file might not be enough to guide you through the setup phase and the different use cases of IgKnite, this documentation can help you in the initial run. It contains all the necessary information to:

  • Add IgKnite to your Discord server
  • Self-host the project on your own machine
  • Learn about how things are operated under the hood

We hope that you will have a lot of fun using IgKnite and that's why we'll leave the post-documentation stuff to you. After all, exploration is a lot more enjoyable than reading.